Paws on the Pad

$3.00 per dog (with up to two handlers)

All dogs, big and small, are welcome!

Proof of up to date vaccinations is REQUIRED for entry including rabies, parvo and bordetella (kennel cough). Bordetella vaccine must be given at least 48 hours prior to event.

  • Your dog may be leash free once s/he is inside the Splash Pad. Please remain within 10 feet of your dog at all times. Please help our staff by keeping your dog away from the entrance/exit doors and gates.
  • You MUST, you MUST, you MUST clean up after your dog! We'll have pick-up bags and trash receptacles available in the Splash Pad area. If your dog answers the call of nature while on the Splash Pad, please let a staff member know immediately!
  • If your dog shows aggressive behavior toward another dog or human, s/he will be placed in doggie time-out. S/he will not be able to return to the Splash Pad until his/her behavior has subsided. If the problem continues upon re-entry, you may be asked to exit the Splash Pad for the day (no refunds will be given).
  • Female dogs that are in estrus (in heat) will not be allowd to participate in this event.

For more information, please call the Splash Pad at Lynches River County Park at (843) 389-2785 or the Environmental Discovery Center at (843) 389-0550

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